Sunday, April 27, 2014

What Did I Leave Out?

Dr. Strange asked us to reflect on all the work that we have done and to come up with an assignment related specifically to our subject matter area that he did not assign. I have racked my brain on this and honestly, could not find something that we haven't covered. I took some of the assignments and naturally gravitated to blogs, websites and tools that pertained to math. So, here is the best I could do:

Find a blogger to follow who teaches in your field of study. Read and comment on at least 10 of their posts. Summarize what you have learned from your blogger and what you can and will use in your own classroom. Make a movie trailer or Google presentation and post to your blog.

My Completed Assignment:

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  1. "Somebody give me somthin…" Poor Archie. Could be shorter but should also get their attention!

    I like your "back of receipt plus picture idea!

    Natalie? What did i miss?

    Very good!