Sunday, April 27, 2014

Comment for Teacher - Semester Assigned #3

Post #9

The blog on manaiakalani living local learning global posted on 4/8/2014 titled Longevity of the Essay was about Dorothy's reflection on the video "In 15 years: Death of the Essay?" The professor in the video prescribes to the idea that "schools will have to move beyond the ideas of reading and writing as literacy" because we now communicate in such a digital world, research, blog, upload videos, photos, etc... Dorothy gave an example of how 3rd party add-ons to Google Docs is exploding the possibilities of incorporating different types of media into documents. Teachers in their Manaikalani Digital Teacher Academy are now questioning, "What constitutes academic literature?" Much of the research is video, podcasts, blogs, etc.
My reply:
"...and most importantly, the ability to discern between quality information and what is just elegantly styled dross..." THIS will be the most important skill we can teach our 21st century students. The online environment DOES contain the world's greatest library and garbage dump in the same venue. Reading comprehension will become, not only "do you understand what you just read", but "can you tell if it is credible or just a bunch of bologna"? As for the different types of media taking the place of the written essay, I can see that happening. One of my next assignments is a video book report! Thanks for sharing this video Dorothy. It certainly stirs up some discussion in my workplace.  

 Post #10

The blog on manaiakalani living local learning global posted on 5/28/2010 titled Managing your Online Identity, discussed the generational differences as it relates to online identity and privacy. Dorothy cited a recent study that showed people aged 18-29 manged their identities much better than older web users, presumably because they didn't know how to change privacy settings or "google" themselves to see what others can see.
Nice post and video Dorothy and so relevant to my own life. My 77 year old mother has begun using the internet just in the last few years and I find myself tending to her online reputation. She just does use Facebook and email and certainly doesn't fully understand the repercussions of sharing too much information and changing privacy settings. I had to delete one person who became her Facebook friend for game playing only. This person tagged photos of my own children and were using them as if they were this person's grandchildren! Scary! 

  Post #11

Dorothy uploaded a slide that was created to include in presentations about the Manaiakalani Programme to help explain what the Programme is NOT. There has been much outside interest in their Programme lately and even media coverage that has used what she referred to as "easy soundbites" that have been inaccurate and disappointing. She also included a link to a previous blog that explains what they ARE about. She also included this:
"For the second year in a row the research report from the Woolf Fisher Team (University of Auckland) has noted in detail that one of the strengths of the Manaiakalani programme is the coherence seen around the goals and aims."
My reply:
Thank you so much for sharing your world with me throughout this semester. This is my last "official" assigned post but certainly not the last time I will be viewing and communicating with you and your wonderful world of partnering education. Your blog has inspired me to be a better educator, to open myself to new challenges, and to feel a sense of world community that I would never have otherwise! I feel blessed to have read about the transformation in your schools and I wish you all much success and happiness. 

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