Thursday, April 24, 2014

Teaching Digital Natives Video Book Review

 Partnering for a Better Future

A Video Book Review of Teaching Digital Natives

by Marc Prensky


  1. Your video (Prensky) is set to private. Please set to public so I can evaluate it.

  2. Twelve? And professionally studying how gamers play games? Amazing isn't it!

    If the students teach each other … yes it can be very beneficial!

    Better question. You are correct. That is a critical factor!

    Control. Hard for some teachers to relinquish! But if they are open minded it is easier.

    Do standards really cover content? Of what importance is specific content.

    One of EDM310's mottoes is: Questions are more important than the answers. This is hard for many to accept, but it is critical for survival in the 21st century.

    I am delighted that Anthony's comments have been helpful.

    Can't we cover everything with PBL? Or maybe you mean how much can we combine at one time. A better question!

    Well done. In fact, very well done. Thanks.