Sunday, April 27, 2014

Comments for Teacher #3 - Rotating

Post #9

Denise Krebs is the author of daretocare blog. The post I read was dated March 19th and titled, "
ersatile, Liebster, Getting-to-Know-You, Merry Sunshine, Blog Meme Nomination". This post was in response to some other blogger challenging her to state11 facts about herself, answering some pre-posted questions about her favorite things, listing 11 bloggers she invited to join the challenge and the questions she chose for them to answer. This middle school teacher recently moved from Iowa to Bahrain and is now teaching Kindergarten students English.
My reply: This is the first time reading your blog and it is nice to find out some personal information about the author! I have a few questions about your new home. Are your students American? What, if anything, is special about Friday to take the day off? How far have you ventured outside of your new home and do you ever travel alone? You are now certainly the learner in chief being so far away from home! I wish you much success and happiness in Bahrain!

 Post #10

 Blogging about the web 2.0 Connected Classroom posted about an EdCamp event he attended. He has been involved with EdCamp for professional development as a participant and as an organizer which gives him a unique perspective on the benefits of the events. The sessions are for the most part particpant driven, soliciting topics for discussion, and the session itself is less lecture and more conversation.
My reply: This was an interesting post. I am not familiar with Edcamp but the diverse group of people and the fact that it is participant/conversation driven sounds interesting. I have always learned more from participating in sincere conversations, especially ones that have included disagreement.

Post #11

  Blogging about the web 2.0 Connected Classroom posted a Happy Birthday message to YouTube that included tips and tricks for using "our favorite video service". This post was an excellent attention grabber and made me want to find out all the things that YouTube CAN do. I was unaware of the capabilities of editing, mixing, customizing, and sharing. The author gave short descriptions of the following features: YouTube Video Editor, Quiet Tube, Tube Chop, Drag on Tape and Watch2gether. I was unable to leave a comment.

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