Saturday, March 8, 2014

Comments for Teacher - Semester Assigned

Manaiakalni - Living Local, Learning Global

Post #1

I commented on the last blog post on Nov. 14th.  This teacher posted about a Student Film Festival that showcased films made by local students.  I had to do some research to find out where this place is located, and what types of technology they were using and how it was being used.  I viewed several of the students' videos and read some of her students blog post to familiarize myself with their culture and methods of using her blog. My post told the teacher these things and also how I looked forward to seeing more.

Post #2

I commented on a blog post Oct.16, 2013.  The blog author, Dorothy, posted a video that was produced by a team from Google showcasing the community and explaining how Google was partnering with the local school to drive education through the use of technology.  It was a touching video story showing not only the students and teachers engage, but family members at home interested in what and how their students were learning in school. 
I told her that technology has changed the way we live but I never thought about how much it can change the way we learn. I also said that this video was touching, bringing the community together and learning from one another.  I thanked her for sharing and looked forward to seeing what changes technology has made in her classroom and community. 

Post #3

I commented on a blog post on Sept. 17, 2013.  The blog author posted a video of a formal presentation of the "Memorandum for Understanding" between the City of Auckland and Manaiakalani Education Trust.  Free internet was provided to the children's homes so that the realization of the Tamaki Learning Network could be found.
I replied that this video about the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, symbolized the partnership with your education community and the City of Auckland and is an inspiration to those of us seeking to bring technology into the classroom to produce more knowledgeable students. It is also a testament to the leadership in both communities to truly put the interests of the children first. I concluded by saying that by putting the student's interests first and producing a better educated youth, it will be mutually beneficial to both communities

Post #4

The author's blog informed the readers about the ability of their students (non-mainland New Zealanders) to watch the America's Cup live in HD and surround sound, or at home on their devices with their families (free internet to the community), and how amazing it was that they also had information and data about the cup at the click of a mouse.  She also inserted a video that told the story of how their sailor ancestors were involved in developing their lands and ended with comparing their ancestor sailors to their America's Cup competitors today.
I told the author that the juxtaposition of the video about the ancestors and heritage with the information that their students could watch the race in real time and have immediate access to information an data made a great, and interesting blog!  Since she didn't provide any further details, I asked if the students had any work assigned that incorporated the America's Cup event.

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