Saturday, March 8, 2014

Comments for Kids Blogs

Post #1

This post was about Cyber-bullying.  The student defined what cyber-bullying is and provided some helpful tips to students about how to avoid getting caught up in this behavior.  I told the student that his post was well written and provided useful information for me as a parent.  I related that I have a 12 year old son who is beginning to become more of a technology user and that I would use his blog to help educate him about what to do, and what not to do when it comes to cyber-bullying.


Cally's post "Will This Season Succeed?" was about her softball team being moved up one level because the year before they were defeating all their opponents by 10points every game.  Her post indicated the coach was focusing on teamwork and more work in the form of additional drills and strength and conditioning.  She was questioning whether the team would be successful. 
When I read the word softball, her post immediately grabbed by attention because I played the game through high school.  There is nothing like the smell of red dirt, grass, and a leather glove!  I told her that the post was interesting, thorough, and personal.  Teamwork is not only an important aspect of softball, but she will use this skill in everyday life as well, and that the strength and conditioning will also give her team an edge when playing those long, hot tournaments.  I asked her how she thinks playing better teams in a higher level will effect her personal and team performance, and wished her
the best of luck!

Stephanie's post was a summary of a championship basketball game in which she and her team competed.  Her team had beaten this team previously and her coach pointed that out in his pep talk.  She then wrote an exciting story about how the scored was tied at halftime and then again at the end of the game, with one of their players missing 3 free point shots with no time left, which sent them into a sudden death situation.  Their team finally won!
I told her the story about sudden death had me sitting on the edge of my seat!  She did a good job on use of descriptors and I could see the game unfolding in my mind.  I related that my 7th grade son plays on the basketball team and it reminded me of several of his games this season: real nail biters!
I asked her how she thinks that experience affected the team as a whole?

Matthew's post was a simple question of if anyone reading the post had played baseball and he provided the inventer of the game and year of invention. (Abner Doubleday, 1889)
I responded: 
"I have played softball all my life and have always loved the sport.  I now have a 12 year old son who has been playing baseball since he was 4.  He loves the game as much as I did.  I especially enjoy the time I spend practicing with him.  Thank you for sharing the information about baseball.  The game has changed a lot since 1889!
Have you ever played and if so, what is your favorite position?"

Post #3 

BC Pitcher's post was a single link.  Although the link wasn't active, I copied and pasted the URL in a new browser window to find out what he was trying to do.  It took me to a Padlet page.  
I responded to him that although his link wasn't active that I found out he must me learning how to use Padlet.  This was also new to me as well as blogging and he already knew more than I did. I also told him to keep up the good work and keep trying!

Jeff's post was about sacrifice.  He began by defining the word based on Webster's definition, then proceeded to give real world examples about sacrifice.  He used these examples to drive his point about sacrifice being a big word (in meaning).
I praised his post for being thorough and having real world examples to help me understand his point about the word having a big meaning.  I also commented that his analogy with sports was especially meaningful considering I was an athlete in school.  I asked him if he had ever had to give something up, like a vacation, to play sports.

Cierra's post was about a recent project on argumentative writing.  She had to created something that would present her argument of which place would have been better to live, Ancient Athens, or Ancient Sparta.  She didn't upload the project itself (PowerPoint), but she did provide details of what was required for the project, due dates, and how she accomplished her goal of finishing.
I replied that the details she provided about the project just made me want to view her PowerPoint. She did state in her blog that Sparta would have been better and a follow up to a comment indicated because they educated boys and girls.  My question to her was wondering if Athens didn't educate girls.

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