Sunday, May 4, 2014

EDM510 Final Reflection Video

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  1. Dive in. Don't expect someone else to swim for you!

    Ah…curious. Wonderful.

    So you miss grades. A letter. A number. Have you improved at assessing your own performance? Great athletes are great self assessors. Anyone who is successful has to know what they do well and where they need to improve. Somebody else can make comments, cheer you on. But YOU have to be able to evaluate yourself. I hope you have gotten better at that!

    Well done. Do I really need to put a number or a letter by those two words? You edited your video. Presumably to make it better. So you have been employing the self-evaluation skills I want to foster. Is your video better because of your efforts? How do you know? Have you set up your own rubric for performance? As a teacher you make judgements about others. Can you apply the same skills and procedures to your own work?

    The ability to answer those questions for yourself a rev much better than a letter or a number from me!