Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Comments for Kids Blogs #2


Nahea: This is Nahea's first recorded story and it is about what the things she can do on an ipad. Nahea is learning to write simple sentences correctly and independently. She said in her video that she can read stories with her friends and watch movies on her iPad.

I enjoyed watching your video about what you can do on your iPad. You also drew a very nice picture of you and your friend using the iPads. Keep working hard in school and you continue to be a success!

Capzle: This is a post by the teacher showcasing her classroom's first Capzle created. The class took a trip to Ambury Farm. The capzle is a program where you can upload photos and images and make a video story.  Their capzle including photos at the farm and paintings of some of the animals they encountered.
I replied that I did not know about capzle until I read this post.  In fact, I had to research the program and found the website to which anyone and create an account. I thanked the teacher for posting this project so I could learn something new.

Punaiuru: This is Punaiuru's video about swimming.  She is reading complete sentences that she constructed about her swimming experience. She packed toys and towels and they blew bubbles and swam.

I introduced myself then said: Thank you for sharing your swimming story with us. You did a good job reading! We love to go to the beaches here and swim too. Blowing bubbles is also fun! Keep up the good work!

Post #5 

Zion posted about movie night in the park. He got to watch the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" with a few friends. During the movie he ate chocolate and when it was over, he went home with his brother

I introduced myself and told him "thank you for your post about the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2". I have seen the first movie but not the second. You said it was funny so I think I should see it with my kids. They love funny movies too. What was your favorite part?"

Zion posted about mazes and answered three questions: Why do they carry flags in the maize maze? Why is the lifeguard standing on a platform? Why do you think people build or make mazes? He also included a photo of a maze.

I introduced myself and told him "Your answers to the questions seemed to be correct to me. I like puzzles and mazes because it helps to keep my brain active! Thank you for including the picture as well. My favorite kind of mazes are the big mazes you can walk through. We have some near my home usually during the fall season. Nice job!"

Kevine posted about empathy. He said it is understanding the situation someone is in and knowing how the person is feeling. It can also mean feelings and emotions, especially when directed to someone who is undergoing pain. The word empathy is the ability to understand each others feeling and emotions .

I introduced myself and told him "The ability to understand how others feel is important in building good relationships with people. I have two children and try my best to teach them to be empathetic with everyone, not just their friends. If we can all have empathy for one another, then I think we would not have problems with bullying in school. When is the last time you showed empathy to someone in your life?
Nicely done! Keep up the good work!

Post #6

Nathan posted three screen shots of a program he has been working in called Math Whizz. His comment accompanying his pictures said he has been working hard on his Math Whizz and his teacher said learning was good.

I introduced myself, complimented him on his blog and told him "I am not familiar with Math Whizz, but from the pictures it looks like you HAVE been working very hard! I am a math teacher and love to see students learn about math while having fun. What is your favorite part of the Math Whizz program?"

Taunese posted that she is learning about native trees and decided to post a 3 slide google presentation slide show about a native tree, the Harakeke. It is useful because you can make baskets out of the leaves. I introduced myself and told her "I like your Google presentation slides about the native tree, Harakeke. You chose a very colorful background and provided good information about the tree. I also like the colors on your blog background. We have something in common. I love playing sports and going to the beach as well! Did you have an easy time using the Google presentation application?
Keep up the excellent work Taunese!

Collin posted about swimming lessons he recently participated in with his class. He said there were 3 groups of students, each with a female instructor. He was performing so well, he moved up a group on the first day. On the next day he moved to the highest group and he was very proud of his accomplishment. He used very descriptive words which gave me a good mental image of the pool and he also stressed safety.
I introduced myself and told him "I enjoyed reading your blog about swimming lessons. You must be really good to move up two groups in just a few days! Congratulations! Your story had many descriptive words so I almost felt like I was there. Good job using your writing skills. I also noticed you mentioned safety and that is not safe to run because of the wet floors. This shows you are concerned about yourself and others.
Keep up the good work!

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