Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

The title of this video is misleading, on purpose. As I watched Randy's last lecture, knowing he has a terminal illness, I began reflecting on my own life. What did I learn about teaching and learning from his lecture? Teaching and learning is everywhere at every moment. The most important things in life aren't things, but the people who are in your life. Although we think of teaching and learning as perhaps, instructor and student in the formal sense, we are all teachers of something to someone and we can all learn something from everyone. This video is about how you lead your life. Have fun, work hard, be open and dream big. Nothing is impossible.


  1. Rather sketchy. There is a lot more about teaching and learning. Too broad a sweep with your brush.

  2. The terminal illness did not effect me too much. For the most part, he did not make a big deal about it in the video. I got so lost in his message and his vibrant personality that I did not think about the fact the he was going to die soon. Overall, Paush overall message stood out to me. Consequently, this is why the video is so famous. No one would have known that such a person was terminally ill doing this presentation by the way he acted unless he or she was told so.

  3. Having two kids of my own gave me a different perspective from the beginning. I was viewing the video from a parent's perspective, telling their children how they should lead their lives to be productive and happy, not so much from a formal teaching and learning perspective. As parents we are teachers of life to our children and although he had excellent examples, especially his brick walls, I couldn't get beyond my primary role as mom. It could have been that particular day had mom written all over it instead of teacher! Maybe I should view it again?