Thursday, February 6, 2014


Prior to the readings on plagiarism and copyright law, I had been educated by my company on policy and processes regarding this topic.  As employees representing our company we are required to maintain certain behaviors and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.  Not only are we to protect our reputation as individuals, but the company's reputation as well.  

We are stewards of company confidential information to protect our competitive advantage in the business. Lawsuits related to copyright infringement and plagiarism can damage our reputation as a company and create lost profit opportunities. We are encouraged to create original training material, properly cite sources, and request permission to use other material so that our company is legally protected and our reputation remains in tact.


  1. What comments/responses do you have to the data I collected from my ED310 students. What would you suggest to change the conditions that i found?

    1. I wasn't entirely shocked by the results of your survey. I never had a formal class on plagiarism or copyright law in high school or college. I was simply given the "definition" of plagiarism and was expected to "know". I believe, at a minimum, every freshman entering college should be required to have a course on these topics and others, or demonstrate their knowledge by "testing out".

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  3. You have your video story and your personal introduction in your blog. They did not appear at first. That is why I deleted my previous comment. They are both there! Thanks.

  4. When you reinstate your teachers certificate, you can use what you learned from Chevron about plagiarism and copyright in your classes. Real life experiences are valuable in the classroom.

  5. I plan to Anastasia! By the time I return to the classroom (10+ yrs), things may have changed even more. So much to learn and so little time!!